google play policy violation

Hi all ,

I have developed an application that has links to popular uk shops , it looks like this one

after uploading it to my google play account i got a message from google play that my application has stopped because it violates the spam provisions of the Content Policy.

"After a regular review, we have determined that the main purpose of your app is to drive affiliate traffic to a website. This violates the Content Policy. Please refer to the spam policy help article for more information."

my question is how the google play store is full of these types of applications ?? how these applications pass the regular review without being blocked ?? !!!

the regular review is random

Contact them that the removal was a mistake.

Was this your first app that you uploaded to play store?
First app is “more likely” to be reviewed or if your apps generally have bad ratings

Well, I would say why don’t you contact them about it I am pretty much sure this must be the work of the AI bots crawling ! Ask some humans to have a look at it I have seen the cases where bots has locked down the apps and later on it was again re-enabled once this things were reported to human working over Google (I am pretty much sure that inside Google there are a number of Artificial intelligent bots working other than Humans).