Google Play Policies Question


I have read Google Play Developer Program Policies many times and I want to be sure that I understood everything correctly.
From policies I see that offering goods for rating app is against policies, but how about sharing app? For example if I offer extra functions for user if he/she share app or follow on Twitter etc?

You should have no problem with that.
Edit: actually… you never know… this is how things are with google, unfortunately.

You should keep in mind the reason for each Google policy - and that should clarify - the reason Google discourages using rewards (within app) for users giving 5-star ratings (giving rewards for giving ratings maybe ok, as long as you do not ask user to give you a specific rating) etc. is that it distorts the stats that Google is presumably providing for benefit of users (so they can judge the value of an app).

If you ask users to like on Facebook, or follow on twitter, or to share app, that SHOULD NOT cause any issues for anything related to Google. Practically, you will not be able to confirm if the user has actually liked on Facebook or followed on twitter (maybe some complicated way) - but many users may still do that.

Of course I can’t be sure if user really liked, followed, shared etc. It’s possible, but that will be to complicated for users and I don’t want to do that. I only can make some things to prevent at lest some cheating, but mostly all this thing depends on the user honesty.

The more I read the more I see how Google is unpredictable and for them loyal developers doesn’t mean anything so it’s wise thing to create some backup. It’s quite sad that even many Android teaching book authors suggest to create more than on acc, because Google are so unpredictable.

I have no plans to violate any Google Play rules and I always obey them, but you never know what could come around corner.

You can’t directly share app from Google play developer console to twitter, facebook etc. but you can easily share the app from Google play store link directly from there.