Google play payout date

anyone got paid for this september? Any ideas about the payout schedules? I usually used to get it on 30th , but no payment has been made this time so I’m a bit curious about it…

I thought the payment date was changed till the middle of the month on a net45 payment.

So for month of August gets paid on September 15th. etc

also check if you got “You have unapplied
payments/credits” this means Google has paid you in the previous months a few extra times so it deducts from your next payment till you pay them what you owe them for.

I dont have any credits , so for october month i get paid on november 15 you mean?

Hmm you should. Just wait for couple of days and see if you receive it.

You guys are talking about balance from in-app purchases right? I always thought it worked like a merchant account where money is deposited to your bank 2 days after transaction…

not only in app purchases, but also paid app purchages , google pays devs at the end of each month , it pays you the total of what you’ve made…

I get paid middle of the month.

thanks for the info…

thats good to know because i tried finding more information on this and couldn’t. So earnings of October will be paid in middle of November as I understand?

Thats what Im confused about , they’ve changed the payment dates a few months back , and i was in coding hibernation for that time :smiley: