Google Play on Genymotion stopped working?


up until now I was able to run Google Play on Genymotion without problems. I used it to test/evaluate various apps from GP, but today GP stopped working on both of my virtual devices (Android 4.1.1 and 5.0).

Did anyone else notice this? I downloaded 3-4 apps, restarted Genymotion, and GP just did not want to connect anymore. However, I can browse the internet just fine.

I’d appreciate if someone could verify that there’s indeed a problem with GP services.


Hi, try to add new device in GenyMotion.
I’ve checked my virtual devices and everything is clear!

Hello, I’ve installed a new 5.1 Generic device, dropped in the latest CyanogenMod 12.1 ZIP file, and it works OK so far. Thanks for the tip.