Google Play New Content Rating and Gambling in ads

I can’t seem to find any reference in the new questionnaire to Gambling.
In the past I received a warning from Google about my app being set for “Everyone” while having ads about Gambling. After that I set all my apps to Medium Maturity.

Now with the new rating system, I can’t seem to find any questions to answer about the presence of Gambling. So the resulting rating will be very low age restriction.
Any idea what to do? (I don’t want to filter my ads not to display Gambling or any other themes)


EDIT: I found that questions related to Gambling are presents in only some Category, but not in the category of my application (Utility, Productivity, Communication, or Other)

Wanted to know about this too.

I tried asking Google too and this is their reply -_-

Google cannot determine the category of your app for you. However, we suggest rating your app according to your app as a whole. Providing inappropriate ad content in an app rated for younger audiences can be an issue, so we suggest removing the gambling ads to accurately represent the rating of your app.
We don’t recommend artificially rating your app higher in order to cover the higher content rating of your ads.

Looks like they want to force me to do something just because their new rating system doesn’t cover every situation…

I have a free card game in the play store, about 100k downloads (it’s only targeted towards a certain region) and it has 1 interstitial ad before the game starts. Never had a problem with Google about any gambling ads. Which ad networks are you using?

I am using StartApp and MobileCore. As always, Google checks are random but (with old rating system) if your app is set to Everyone or Low Maturity and it display gambling ads you would get a warning in case they randomly check it.
The old rating system specifies clearly that any Gambling content (including ads) need to set Medium or higher maturity. But the new Rating System is a lot more messy… and was just concerned that Google will still send random warning/bans if my app display Gambling ads (even if it’s their fault the new rating system don’t provide Gamblin questions for some app Categories)

Isn’t there an option to opt-out from gambling/casino ads on StartApp and MobileCore?

I think StartApp have such option… but honestly that’s my point… I don’t want to opt out but looks like Google is forcing me to do that.

You’re gonna have to opt-out, IMHO. Otherwise you’ll get your app blocked or worse - your account.

Maybe you could change app category to other that can choose gambling in the questionnaire.

Yes, that’s what I am planning to do at the moment.