Google Play - new console

With the new console if you don’t provide a translation google says it will translate the description automatically when the user views the page. I tried this and it translates it, but those translations don’t affect search, my apps dropped to 1/2 downloads they were getting. So don’t leave the translations blank. What I had to do was go back and add all the translations for each language manually. I used to get the translation, but then had to add them manually. After I added the translations my apps are back to normal download rates.

The same for me. In addition sometimes the new interface freezes and I have to delete the cookies.
There’s something good anyway, for example more languages.

So far more cons then pros IMO.

Bring back the old interface …This new one is crap. Can’t even auto fill translations??? WTF??? I don’t trust google and their “Automatic” BS because I’ve tried and it doesn’t work half the time.

Did You guys adding all possible languages​​?

there is no way i will be doing all the translations by hand with how many friggen languages!!! To do that for 16 + apps, google is crazy. That would take a full week if not more.

I’ve done all the languages for two of my apps so far. Takes about an hour or two per app. I’d start with my best apps.

Me too.
For a year following the same descriptions, and now, after adding new languages came info about a wrong descriptions in my apps from Google …