Google Play: Legal to tell user find Paid app from other store?

Google does not allow to have paid app in my country. So i must always publish free app with ads.
But some user don’t want ads and ask for ads free version, i can publish paid app to Amazon, SlideMe, Samsung…
I ask you one question: is legal to tell user find Paid app from other store (Just write in app description: “You can find ads free version from Amazon App, Samsung App, SlideMe”)?

After reviewing the policies I don’t see any reason it could be considered illegal, since the app you are charging for isn’t hosted in the play store ,and it works independently from your free application.

Yes, and i see some app do like that. But i must check certain this.
And even i can link a buy button to those store, but this is more sensitive.

Yes it is 100% legal and you can download android applications from other sources as well.
If paid Google app is not working you can download some games in Google play free of cost.