Google Play keyword optimization

So I have published this new Sudoku game… It is primarily about Sudoku but unfortunately Google does not seem to see it this way…

The keyword “sudoku” occurs in the title, the short description and 12 times in the long description of the app. Yet when you search for Sudoku in Google Play you will find no trace of my app.

At the time of this writing my game has 22,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.4 from 100 reviews. A search for “Sudoku” on Google Play returns 250 apps, ranging from very good to terribly bad (including results with 1,000 downloads and less than 3 stars).

I believe “sudoku” is the only keyword that really matters for my app. So what is wrong with my app or the description? Can someone help, please?

please include some more details in this. i am interested in this

Aso is not just about some keywords in the description and the title or some reviews

ASO is much more than that, for example if you google search your package name, it won’t result many results.
If you google search the package name of my app it results thousands of results with many results from websites with high authority
If you search music player on youtube , of all the music players for windows, iOS, android and pc,My app comes at #2.
These things matter a lot
I am opening up a website on how you can optimise everything and i will be giving the excel sheets of all the youtubers and websites which you can contact to get your app reviewed for free and how you can send them a message so it gets noticed.
The website is Hi, I am Ankit | I am from Lucknow, India. I make android apps and then I promote them. I am aslo a but it is not ready yet.
This is how i got 3 million downloads for my app within 1.5 years without spending any money.
The website will be ready soon, till then I will be sharing all the information i can over here

Nice info, thanks mate, it was quite helpful.

No problem

Right @Ankit I believe ASO is the key to success for your app. It is a all about doing the right marketing strategy while focusing the audience for your product in the masses.

You cant repeat the same word more than 3 times in your description, Google will always penalize you for that. Try to clean your description and make sure no word is repeated more than 2 or 3 times.

sorry, but it’s pure bull*hit. It is recommended to repeat your main keyword only 3-4 times, but if you have a 2000 characters descriptions then it’s totally ok to repeat your keyword even 10 times. It might put you in danger if all your description will be only “Sudoku game is a cool sudoku app if you want to play sudoku then download our sudoku game” or something similar.

Rules for the keywords field (Let us take App Store for example to analyze these details).

There are two factors affecting search algorithm in App Store heavily – the name of your app and the keywords field. Consider the following rules:
[li]It is limited that you have to put only 100 characters in the keywords field.
[/li][li]Keywords should be separated with a comma and there is no need for spaces.
[/li][li]Each keyword must be two characters more.
[/li][li]Use single words
Remember that short keyword works better than long key phrase.

Please be careful to avoid being removed/banned from Store -
[li]Existing app names or brands that you don’t have the rights to use.
[/li][li]Any keywords that are irrelevant to your app.
These activities automatically added will not benefit you.
[li]If your app is free the word”free” is automatically added to your keywords.
[/li][li]Your company name/app name/brand name.

As you have known the keywords rules, then the following question comes:how to find the most proper keywords, here are some tips for you.

Know Yourselves First
The most proper keywords come after the app developers have a clear understanding of their own apps. You should find out the functions, features as well market position. Having grasped these information, then brainstorm the possible keywords that are appealing enough for customers.

Spy on your competitors
The easiest way to get started is to see what your competitors are doing. For you, the Sensor TowerKeyword Spy Tool shows what your competitors are using. Nowadays, there are some automatic tools can help you, reducing the required time for this task. These tools will match search results with the specific searched keyword or key phrase.

Ask People Directly
Your friends and families use different apps everyday, so it is also a wise way to directly ask people what keywords they would search when they intend to download an app. Or you can do a survey or questionnaire to first-hand information about your most proper keywords.

Rely on app reviews or analysis tools
sAnother effective way to find useful keyword is to analyze your competitors’ app positive reviews. You can read their reviews in App Store, then you may find some relevant reviews according to review analysis tools. These tools aim at matching keyword from reviews commented by users.

Check app descriptions
This method will require you to be more creative in finding related keyword. You have to check as many as app descriptions related to yours. It is necessary for you to spend some time in going through the descriptions as it is easier to find targeted keyword which have been used by your competitors.

Search suggestions
One more simple way to find valuable keyword is by typing keyword letter by letter in search bar or search engine. As we know, if we type one letter, it will offer suggestions automatically. Like Google, in the App Store, the result is for its relevance, popularity and quality. In return, your app would be found by users with same method.

Hope those methods are useful to you. And there are many companies dedicated to app store keyword optimization. If you feel it’s diffcult for you to find and optimize keywords, you can seek professional help from them. For example, ASOTop1 provides you free analyses on your keywords with skilled talents. The professional help can help you choose the most proper keywords and gain success in optimization.