Google Play Just Suspended/Removed My App

Anyone else having issues the last few days? The backstory: I unloaded a new app called Sex Games. There are about 10 or so apps similar with 100,000+ downloads. When loading my app, I copied the description layout of the top performing app and modeled mine in similar fashion. In his description he had a full paragraph titled Keywords. Below was a full listing of sex related keywords.

About 5 hours after it was up, I got the email from Google saying that the app was Suspended for violating their Spam policy. If I removed the violation, I could upload a new policy compliant one.

I uploaded the second, with a very tame generic description page. No keywords. My screenshots were limited to 3, just to be safe.

Sometime past midnight, I got an email saying that my second app was removed from the store for violating content policy. The problem is, the email never listed which policy I violated. I have emailed them back, but no word.

My app is text based, with zero photographs. No profanity in game names or descriptions. No graphic content whatsoever. My competitors, however, have apps with photographs that are much more graphic in nature. Same app concept, but more hardcore. Yet, it is still listed for download in the store.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I am beyond frustrated right now.

Did you set the rating to high maturity?

Yes, it was set to High Maturity in both instances.

The same story. I uploaded an app which let’s you download music from internet.
They removed it saying that it violates the intellectual property provisions of the Content Policy, though there are hundreds of apps doing the same.
I asked them, why don’t they remove all the other apps like mine. No anwer. Then I uploaded it again. After 5-8 hours they removed it saying that the ad Network in my app is doing something bad.

Google:“We have determined that your app or its ads request or requires the user to accept a user agreement containing features which violate our System interference policy.”

Then I integrated AdMob and uploaded it. It was ok. But after 10 days it was removed again.
The strangest thing it is that my app had been available on Google play for almost one year. I updated my app in february making it more user engaging and improving it’s functionality.After 1.5 months it became very successfull having 20K-30K installs per day and install number was increasing. At the beginning of April it was removed from Google Play…
I think the reason they don’t remove other apps is that these apps belong to Goolge emplyees or somebody else who can affect Google play team. So they do not want competitors. This is a discrimination

Other apps you saw weren’t banned YET. You make a piracy app and you are wondering why you were banned? :expressionless: To add to that you use networks that require EULA - so they are most likely breaking newest ad policies or user privacy and are trying to cover that by providing the EULA in question. What did you really expect? A tap on the head from Google?

I think you should know about this that Google PlayStore has not banned the sexually explicit content from the play store.