Google play developers Payment..

hey guys it s my first post here :slight_smile: i have published my apps on Google play and in January they made 204$ and i have added my bank account [I dont have any verification button by which i can verify that account and neither google sent a small payment that they say for activation of a account] so i want to ask that what is the schedule of google play payment and in previous month my apps made just 30$ so i want to ask that will they be added in this payout cause im not seeing any addition to that ?? please help me guys tell me by on which date do u all get the payment!!


If you didn’t get the small amount that google sends to verify your account, then something may be wrong with your bank account info. I would double-check it and ask them to send it again.

Which admob are you using? old admob( or new admob (…If you are using new admob then try to login through adsense: just type adsense on google and you will find the link, there you will be able to start the bank activation process…that’s how I have done it, I am located in Italy.

@XdebugX— i have checked the bank info its correct btw can u tell me there mail ??? so i tried to add a another bank account its added successfully and i ll check if google pays me that small fee but where is the verify test deposit button ?? does it come only if they have made the payment ?? New Picture (16).jpg

@GanjaApps im not using admob or ads the question is of google wallet

Your trying to add your bank account to your google wallet merchant account, linked from the developer console right? Sorry but I don’t know how to contact them. Have you submitted your tax information yet? If not, that could be holding up payments. Here’s what I could find on verifying your bank account: Verify bank account - Google payments center help

It will appear when the small deposit is succesful.

@XdebugX do we need to register the buisness name with IRS ??

@Jill Kelly did u set up tax information ??

@XdebugX what taxes should i fill in Eu countries ?? and there are so many countries how can i fill all those up ?? did u use any source on internet to figure out tax info ??

@dolphindevlopers We did

You’re talking about the tax rates, not the info XdebugX is referring to. You just need to enter your bank account details and SSN to get paid, the tax rates don’t need to be set manually for each country unless you want to. Google pays on the 15th of each month so you should get the January payout tomorrow

@moneymike55 but my bank account’s verification was not done i mean they did not send me that small payment

Are you using the same card for google wallet that you used to make the $25 payment? You shouldn’t be able to press the “select” button if the account wasn’t verified so maybe they recently changed the verification process. Either way I would just wait until tomorrow night to see if the payment arrives, if not then contact them

no i added a bank account for getting payment in payment settings and yea lets wait till tomorrow maybe i can receive the payment

Any changes u make now wouldn’t go into effect until next month anyways so dont worry about it. The dev portal is well maintained so I’m pretty sure the verification button would be showing up if you still need to verify something :wink:

@moneymike55 suppose the verification button showed up on 20th so will i receive the payment this month or it will be added in next month ??

I’m not sure when their cutoff time is for submitting changes to your account but they only send out payments on the 15th, so it would either go on next months payout or the month after that

okk thanx man

@moneymike55 btw should i select the new account first and then the option of verify test deposit will come ??