Google play developer account suspended need solution

Recently my Google play developer account suspended due to my mistake.
Now my question is
I have a 2nd PC with a different IP I can create a 2nd account does I need to create a 2nd admob account or 1st one is ok.

Was the admob used in many apps in the account that got banned? If yes, soon ad units will start getting suspended and at some time the admob might be banned too. Thing is I dont know how many ad units suspensions are enough for the ban.

Knowing this maybe you decide to get new admob too.

yes,you should change your admob account to new one…They will ban your admob slowly by one by one app from dashboard…Happened to me on my starting days…always use more than one network in app

Make sure these computers have different Internet IPs. You can check your internet IP at
Please contact me at skype: ktrandev. I have more tips for you.

Im using same admob account from 2011, I have had numerous dev accounts suspended and I only had 1 app suspended in admob in the past 5 years because it was a bikini app. But all they did was shutdown the ads to the app.

My first Admob has received more than 30 ad suspensions after my GP ban. Thing is, when ads started stopping, I archived all my ad units. Guess what, even after two weeks they are still suspending ads servings on ARCHIVED ad units!
Any idea if/when an admob ban might occur? I think I still got 20+ apps that were archived but have not had suspended ads on them.

Better of buying new go and startover again.

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