Google play dev account suspended.. What happens to my admob account?

Hi guys,

My google play developer account got suspended today. but i see that my admob account is still working.

The reason i got it suspended is

"REASON FOR TERMINATION: Multiple violations of the Content Policy and Developer Distribution Agreement as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address of your Publisher account.

Please note that Google Play Publisher terminations are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services.

It says, suspension may extend to “Related google services”. Does that mean my admob account also gets banned in near future?

I have around $200 in my account that is due for next month payment.

Guys help me out ,how can i save my admob account?


I got suspended 1 month ago but my admob account is still active and i’ve been paid a few days ago. You can’t have ads on apps suspended on Google Play so you may start receiving notifications from admob if you don’t archive all the affected ad units. I didn’t have any copyright issue, if it’s your case i don’t know what will happen. Anyway Google is crazy right now and this can change any time.

Well I know someone who’s developer account was suspended at least 5 months ago and his admob account is still standing so it could be hard to say. How many violations or flags did you receive before your account was suspended?

as far as I know admob and google play have separate policy and ban on one network doesn’t mean ban on another

I had immediate app suspension on two apps once i published the app . one was a wallpaper app and another was using a website in a webview.
Third one was a game and it was doing good since 2 months. This game didnt had a video trailer so i added a trailer and added translations to spanish language yesterday. Dont know what triggered the suspension, today i got this game suspended and in one hour my account also got suspended. I was making $15 per day with this. So am curious what would happen with my admob account. Atleast if i get safe till next payout i would be happy.

Should i archieve the ad units tht am using in suspended game?

What happens when you archived ad units? What is the purpose of it?

Just to share.This is what happens to me. Some of my apps was suspended when google play changed their policy a couple months ago. I did republish it with a new package name but I used the same ad units because it was still working. Just recently, I received a notification that they are stopping the ad serving for that app. The result, I also lose my ad-serving in my new app. I did try to appeal saying that I republish the app with new package name and reused the ad units. They said that they won’t re-instate the ad serving because it violated google play policy

What is your game title ironmaidon? Did u use some copurighted materials in your game? May be in your titles, in your game graphics, or in your game descriptions?