Google Play Dev account banned. I can use Admob on another Dev account?

Hello friends!

A few days ago I banned from Google Play Dev for 3 app webview (had other apps in good condition).

I can use the same admob code ID on the new developer account?? The code ID will used in applications not banned.
Ads of banned applications are filed

or I need to create new admob account?? payments would be equally my name (via transfer bank).


It’s best not to use the same I’d for new account …why don’t you create a new app in admob and new ad unit which takes less than a minute…

Thx for answer!

These apps (in good condition, without problems with GPD) are in other Markets (ex. Amazon)
and these are currently operating and make money anyway.

the ADMOB ID of the apps that were in good condition,
before re-upload to new GPD account, I have them to change too??
If they were in good condition, not banned. It is necessary to change?

if it must be done, it’s done,
it costs me nothing, but is for know it.

Thank’s buddy!

Create a whole new admob account on someone else’s identity.
Save yourself the hassle and just never use admob again.

You can use those but better change to new IDs…

Many thanks broh,
very grateful for your help.

Thanks for this valuable information…nice sharing