Google play closure account issue

Hi ,
does anybody has the problem that GP close your account without any notice or reason?
please advise …

my friend also had this issue. can you provide more details like did you log in to the account often and did you create the account by yourself or bought it?

i just login once or two and no i didnt create it myself, bought

Maybe that was the reason. my friend also did not sign in to the account for months.

noo… i talk about closing the account in 12 or 20 hours…no months or days even.

Things to note:

  • Google will terminate your account after your 3rd suspended app.
  • After an app gets suspended, google may begin to manually check your apps and definitely will use their automatic process / bots to check your app against certain keywords.
  • If you have had accounts terminated before, Google will link them using your IP, registered credit card, address, etc.
  • Google also terminates your wallet account