Google Play back button exit showing ad

I have ads on my app exit. When user press back button to exit app ads show up, my ad company is not admob.
Is it against to google play or not?

As long as the ad is shown inside the app, it will be fine!

Yes it is against Google play policy. Ad must be shown inside an application.

It’s allowed …but the ad should be shown before user shown by home…

Sure? Recently I have to change because now it seems if they tap Home or Back button to exit app and ad pop-up, game over, you infringe their rules. They are getting stricter day by day. So far the safest is banner ad at top or bottom but those generate very little revenue for us. In this case, I think games have a better chance to show interstitial ad since they got levels concept. Small productivity apps are simple 1-2 setup screen, tap Go/Start and that’s it. Opportunity to put in ads get lesser.


The ad’s gotta be shown IN the app. Then you’re good.

officially, can not show fullscreen-ads after launch and before exit (even if inside app) only between your Activity in app (or between game levels)