Google play app banned... safe to get admob money?

Hi! I had two apps on google play that were banned due to copyright issues. The problem was using a similar logo to other apps.
Also, I have an admob account that generated some money with those apps and it is even generating money now a days, because of the 100.000 users that installed the apps…

The question is:

Is it safe to get the generated admob money? Becouse admob didn’t banned my apps… Could admob claim the money back if they ban my apps in the future?

Any similar stories?

Thank you guys very much!!

i think depend on what app you get banned, if xxx app, admob will banned too, what app you have?

It’s better if you delete app ad on admob. You will keep your money

Don’t delete your apps in admob, but also don’t use their ids any more in your apps. There is a high risk that admob will remove your apps in the future (it is hard to tell exactly when. One month, mayby in half a year).
If you had uploaded your apps in other market just give them new admob ids (I would probably change their package name too).
If you are lucky you will keep your money :wink:

Thank you guys! Anybody having experience on this kind of stories? Does somebody know how to delete an app on admob?

You cannot remove apps on the new Admob, unfortunately. I’ve even heard that if you contact their support about it they still won’t let you remove apps.