Google play account suspended, does new virtual machine or vmware works?

One of my google play account had been suspended.
If I were to buy a new google play account from a seller, can I upload my apps using back the same computer but with a new virtual machine or vmware?
Will google play be able to detect it and suspend my new account?
Thank you.

Worry more about your IP, cookies, and browser fingerprint.

You can use the same computer but chance the IP and delete history/cookies/ flash cookies with CCleaner

new VM is not enough, you should change the IP as well. There are high anonymous proxies, you can use them as well

Usual rules apply

Get a new GUID for your computer
Get new IP
DONT use Chrome
Get a new NIC

Thanks for the great tips! I’m gonna need these soon.

I went a bit further mind, new ssd, reinstalled windows 7, replaced the nic, called my ISP to get a new IP address and then created a new keystore.
Just remember to not use the same images in your next apps and it’ll all be good.

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