Google penalization for high number of ratings

Hello all.

I am writing here to ask if someone knows about an eventual penalization that google can give to an app because of its high number of rating.

I have 50.000 downloads and 7000 rtings that is very high compsred to other apps.

The problem is that my app is falling in the ranking and it id supposed to increase positions. And someone told me it could be because of this ratio of ratings/downloads.

I know that google do not allow to incentivize users by any way but this is not my case as I only suggest them to rate and do not mention any number of stars nor any incentive.

Any feedback is welcome

Hi there, We have free tech support team to provide such kind of question.

Ranking dropped mostly because of downloads dropped. If your daily downloads is still high, but ranking dropped, that’s only a problem. Ratings contribute only little on app ranking.

Thanks for your comments.
I understand that the weight of daily downloads is higher than the weight of rating in the position of the app in the ranking.

The question I have is if google could deduce that we are incentivicing users to rate 5* our app and penalized for this without sending any notification.

We have 5000 downloads and 7000 ratings because we have an alertdialog in the app giving the option to rate for the user.

However we are not violating any google play policy as we fo not incentivize in any way nor ask to put 5*.

The high rating (4.7) is brcause of the quality of the app.