Google Partners Panel do you have banned app or account check this


The google started this page please register and say what is your problem with the currenc system inside the google play store.


SCAMMER.Do not enter your password and email.If you did change your password soon.

Agreed I also doubt about the site ! I somehow feels that this is something fake because if you look closely at the URL its just redirect again and again to the same page showing login error. Stamped this is nothing more than “Scammer”

This is true, but you need an invitation to join. There are some nice discussions and comments there, let’s hope things change in the near future about how Google is treating developers.

Fake email sending from Google domain? That is real not fake, i pass their survey and registered, not facing any problem.

The domain is registered by a Canadian registrar, no results in Google about it or even about the Google Partners Panel name, login is not default Google login. Decide for yourself.

Yes I am sure this one is fake I mean look at the manes of user commenting over here “hackformore” name itself shows that it’s somewhere related to hacking an all !

Email invite us to register from Google domain. They are partner of Google about marketing Ipsos - Nobody’s unpredictable. If you afraid about leak information, just treat it like this forum.

:smiley: You are kidding, It just a nick name. Hack here not mean i am a hacker or do black hat things. I just “hack” Android and mobile app is fake and people are not so innocent to give you their account credentials.

Look you are saying it yourself that you “hack” Android and mobile app ! :smiley: Now I know what you are doing over here …