Google Nexus 7

Just got email that mine shipped via UPS today. Yay!

curious about your first impression of it.

i wonder if they would ship to europe when ordering in usa … but I dont think so, release in EU is very late

Hmm… guessing they sent the tracking number to UPS on Saturday morning. UPS picks up on Monday… then I have 2-day shipping. So I should get it on Wednesday or so.

I’m so tempted to buy one. Just got a new Galaxy S3, so the budget’s a bit short - but it looks like a great device. And it would be handy to have a Jelly Bean 4.1 device for testing…

Let us know how it goes for you! :slight_smile:

Still waiting on my shipping mail … hopefully soon given it was ordered on the day of I/O. If it’s being shipped from Dublin I might have to send my flatmate over to encourage them as he’s working there at the moment :slight_smile:

they sell it over google play? unfortunately - google play does not deliver in my country yet …

when looking at ebay prices (even preorder prices) … that looks a bit too much “trendy” for me currently … feels a bit like when the new ipad was coming out … don’t like such things, better wait some weeks/months and get it for half the price it is currently traded… (like it nearly was with the S3)

Just got my Nexus 7 today, (had pre-ordered from google play) looks pretty nice, will post more about it when I’ve used it some. Also got $25 credit to use at the Play store for pre-ordering :wink:

buy your own games xD xD xD

lol, that’d be like giving google 30% of my $25 credit for nothing hehe

Anyone know off-hand what dpi and screen size the Nexus 7 is from a resources point-of-view ?

It uses a non standard tvdpi which is ewuivalent to 213dpi. See Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

After playing around with my nexus 7 some, I have to say it’s awesome! Screen is beautiful, it’s quick and snappy. Jelly bean has some nice improvements. Only one thing I didn’t like about it was the back cover felt a little flimsy and creeks a little when held on the edges. Other people are complaining about it and some are having problems of screen seperation issues. For me it’s only a little thing, and not a big problem. Overall I really love it!

Also it currently does not support many USB devices and has no SD Slot - the last is almost ok, as long as price stays low.

I only have an Asus TF101 for comparision… it is also slightly bendable as a whole somehow and may have some heat issues on the top frame (hard to describe) …

How’s Heat Participationing with the nexus? The S3 gets kinda warm sometimes … even on the screen xD

I have not noticed any heat problems. However, I have not seriously stress-tested it.

XdebuX Any update on Nexus 7 after some weeks of using it? Would you recommend one?

Yeah, I would definetly recommend it. Can’t beat the hardware for the price. It runs buttery smooth. Have been playing FF3 on it, and no heat issues. My only complaint is the case near the edge of the screen moves some when you grip it.

Ppl and how about Galaxy S3 (I know I’m writing under Nexus 7 thread). I’m asking because I’m preparing myself for the new equipment acquisition. My types are for now: Nexus7, S3 and Infinity. Are you happy with those as well?

S3 works like a charm, even if it is a bit big it does not feel that big, has enough power, an awesome screen, is very thin. Only Problem I can see is that you need a micro sim:

small review of my S3:

another problem is probably it tends go get a bit warm under heavy usage or when connected to power. that is also true for the touchscreen - where I live it is very warm, so hands start to swet when playing games xD

Also the S3 carries nearly every possible feature currently available on phones and is currently with android 4.0.4 available


Hey, unfortunately I would not recommend ordering from US to Europe. I live in Europe too and although the prices are super attractive, you would need to pay a foreign tax that fills the gap and make the whole thing pretty much useless.
The best is still to ask a friend to buy one in a local store, hide it in his bag, and give it to you when he’s back :slight_smile: