Google New Content Rating Policy

Hi Guys,

Please check your googleplay account and set fill in your feedback for google content policy to avoid getting your app banned by google.

The problem is with the ad networks. I used to have all my apps as medium maturity to cover potential problems from the ads.
If I fill this new questionnaire all my applications get a rating 3+. What happens if an advertiser sends an ad with sexual innuendo.
I don’t know what kind of ads are served.

there is no information about such thing so don’t make us nervous

It is only required for the new apps uploaded/updated after 5th of May and that is mandatory, so there is no “ban”

Hi Yannis,

As far as i know, you can block categories of ads in all the networks that you are using so that it will not get served in your inventory.

And the networks I used usually get such ads slip through their radar anyway. At least on MoPub I had to manually block offending ads many times (although since they were bought by Twitter it seems to be better).

I recently tried a new ad network (that receives good reviews). It assured me that they have no sex related ads. When I checked the impressions from each advertiser I noticed that one was an high maturity app with a sex theme. Well I can ask for this particular
advertiser to be blocked from my apps but I cannot make this check every day.

The solution is simple for app adverts. The ad networks should advertise based on the content rating of the application. They should not serve high maturity ads in apps that are not high maturity.
They should not send medium maturity ads in apps that have “everyone” content rating and so on.

Hi everyone,

Just to give more info on this, all developers are required to fill out a rating questionnaire on the Google Play Developer Console. This concerns new apps, existing apps that are active on Google Play, as well as all updates where there has been changes to the app that affect the rating.

To comply with Google’s policy, the ads in your app should match the maturity rating of your app. Most ad networks should have a way of dealing with this. At AdBuddiz, we have an ad content rating filter with 4 different filter settings, so publishers can control accurately the maturity level of the ads shown.

In addition, we never show ads with adult or antisocial content.

If you need more information, feel free to visit our website or contact me directly at [email protected] :slight_smile: