Google new app approval process

Sup guys today google started a new app approval process, so they now say pending when published and then they deny or approve the apps, so this will cut down on suspensions. I published 8 and 1 was rejected for ad policy, but I am able to update and fix the app and resubmit, so maybe they will stop banning dev aco****s with this new process.

That sounds like a step in the right direction. Any chance that you could share the rejection message? (censored of course)

This sounds awesome. Should make updating a little easier on the mind. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into iPhone 9 days for a update wait. That would suck.

they approved update already with dif adnetwork plus i uploaded on a virtual machine. hopefully they stop banning devs now and just only suspend apps and let devs fix them now for resubmission, thats what apple does.

It is good, but they could allow go back the accounts terminated!

Is the approval processed by human or robot? I guess, it is still robot!

How much time did it take to them till they approve your “pending Publication” app?
It is more than 12 hours and I am still stuck in this “pending Publication” status…

can someone else confirm this?

I am about to push a few updates tomorrow, some of them are “sketch”, so this would be awesome if it actually works this way.

Sounds great. Definitely a step in the right direction.

i searched for this today and i found good result , there is someone in stackoverflow reported that his application also was rejected , but his question was removed from there , u can check it by view the cached page google play - Why was my app rejected? - Stack Overflow
, here is the link , btw the question was asked before 1 minute ago , i hope this real and begin to use this new system

How much time it takes Google to approve and publish apps in the new system?

Still takes the normal 2 hours so they either hired lot of employees or stepped up their bot.

This is strange, my app is still stuck in pending publication for 20 hours… from last night.
usually when it was talking so much time it was meaning that they are going to ban my ac ** nt…

I dont know if it a problem with their bot / user my app that causes the problem…

What was wrong with your interstitial?

This is interesting things. But i haven’t seen any information beside yours. Maybe they are only testing system on small percent of developers / apps? Otherwise some official information would be available, don’t you think?

@Rafik.halabi - maybe the bot noticed an issue and set the app to be tested by a human and you are waiting for that human to look at it.

Yes - This is what i suspect also.
I think this is the way they work - Do the Bot check code structure or images?

If you open the app and quickly close it out before the appwall loads up it shows out of the app. SO I updated it to mobilecore since they dont have this issue.

Such thing probably can be automatically checked by bot.

It will be interesting if someone will release for example game with built in analitics - tracking level completions etc. Bot won’t be able to solve levels :wink: That way we will know if it’s human or bot.

Did they actually tell you the specific problem? What company was the problem intersatial?