Google New advertising policy

Hello everybody

I am concerned about the new google play policy which I never get.
There are stating that all the new apps must use an advertising id for advertising purpose ?!

Do I have to update my old apps with this new advertising id ?
what should I change before the first august please ?

Thank you very much

Hello @Androidbeats. As stated in Google policy all new apps or updates released in Google Play after 1st of August should use the Advertising ID. Reading this line we can conclude that if you update your current apps you need to use new ad SDKs that are using Advertising ID. Hope that helps

Does this means that I must use The advertising Id only if I update or upload a new app ?
If I do not make any of those I won’t either upload a new app or update my old apps.
will my apps won’t be affected ?!

Will take me so much time to update all of my apps only to use a new sdk of some ad network.

From what Google states in the policy you do not need to update old apps for that. However if you do update for any reason you have to update the advertising networks you use to to comply