Google Mobile Ads Released

Hi guys,

Android Kitkat 4.4, Nexus5, Google Play Services 4.0 are released today. You can view respective blogs here Android Developers Blog

But the reason I am posting here is this - Google released Google Mobile Ads Sdk which s integrated with play services. Read more here Google Mobile Ads | Android Developers

Will this change anything about Admob. Are you looking fwd to use it? But the real question here is will it affect third-party advertisement networks?(I personally feel that these network corrupt the platform - Hey its my opinion…;))

Read other post from fellow forum member here -

It seems like they want all ads to go through their service to have more control over them probably?

PS. It looks like it’s just renamed new admob (notice the “Read the AdSense Terms of Service and the AdMob publisher guidelines and policies.”) and will be updating with other Google services, another way for Google to promote admob over other networks.

Its admob with a new name i guess, because we still need an admob account , but thanks, I’ll incorporate into my apps,as i’ve always loved admob…

What are your thoughts about using Admob’s mediation tool? Is it worthwhile?

It works. If they decide to ban your adMob account you will have a problem though.

With the courtesy of new advertising identifier, the ad networks can target users with appropriate ads… But the Ad networks should comply with the Google’s policy, which is changing from time to time, else the developers will abandon those networks. And I hope Admob’s mediation tool will do wonders for NOW… Going to implement Google Mobile Ads…

I think the safest way to comply with google is admob :smiley: they’re making sure they have it their own way ! One good thing about google ads is that we dont need to update the sdk all the time…