Google Market now becomes Google Play

Google has announced that Google Books, Movies, Market apps and Music will become part of Google Play. The Android Market app will be updated in the next few days to reflect the change. Google Play is cloud based.

I’m not entirely convinced by this move. Quite a change in branding there … will have to see how this pans out.

Incidentally, what do you mean by the statement “Google Play is cloud based” exactly? Not seeing anything new over existing market / music / video storage.

It’s an interesting move, if not entirely convincing. I’ve posted my thoughts about Google Play on the blog. Overall I think the consolidation is a good move, and the movies/music/ebooks ecosystem had to move away from the Android branding.

However, I think they chose a pretty terrible name. The more I think about it, the more it seems to match up with the “plus one” concept - a name created by engineers, that’s very pragmatic and logical, but just doesn’t work in the real world. The main problem is the gramatical acrobatics this will introduce. Who wants to say “I plus-one’d your post”, or “Just play this track on Play”, or “Play a Play movie”? What about “Read a Play book” (read an ebook on Google Play)? (reminds me of a certain RIM product…)

I’m sure we’ll all adjust to it in time, as the English language is very open to evolving patterns. But it’ll be a frustrating few months to begin with, trying to figure out how the heck we should talk about this product.

Oh, and Tim - I updated the thread title to fix a small spelling mistake :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was typing it on my iPad this morning before I caught the bus, so I was in a bit of a rush.


Google Play is cloud based, everything you purchase will automatically sync across all your Android devices immediately. Even if you purchase an app, book or a song from Play using the web version ( it will also sync across all your devices.

It was a predictable move ( I also saw the changes yesterday before google announces them hehe - ) from google. I am sure they have big plans.

david is right, google often uses strange names … but maybe google is the only company out there which doesn’t need SEO at all, haha

Hmm. So no real difference on the app front then. I haven’t used books or movies much but I assumed that would already happen.

i just love how the things with google go
really like all their products
google is a really strong competitor for apple