Google maps API v2 POI selection

hi guys,
i’m building ATM locator application i have been reading around about Google maps API V2 and collecting info ,i’m having few questions in the structure of the app
here is my design of the app
*first page
the user will have 2 options to find the ATM
First option is " Near by ATMS" which will let him to filter The POI by certain bank name nearby his Current location
Second option is “Near Location” which will let him to filter (POI) by City and bank name
*Second Page is consist of Listview of the Filter Result
*Third page will display the selected POI on Mapview

so i was thinking to create database Containing POIs elements(Region,LatLng,Type,Bank,Address,Description, etc ) and Filter them by the user selection will that work?
and is there easier way to achieve it ?
sorry for my newbie this is my second app and i got only a deadline of 28 days >.<
Thanks in advance