Google I/O discussions

I m watching keynote for 15 mins now and I m totally amazed.
Material Design
5000 new API’s

Let us discuss what matters to us.

Since I don’t do apps, only games fFor me the most interesting announcement was Android TV and Android apps running on Chrome OS. But they brushed the games away too quickly - no information about hardware, no information about controllers (are we supposed to support ALL of them?) instead some boring stuff about cars and now cloud.

Out of all the announcements about android wear, car, tv, auto I am inclined to know about how to monetize apps on android wear because it is the first thing which is going to gain massive attention and is ready for users too. Android based Car TV shoes pants underwears are gonna be released later. On such a small screen of watch, how are the ads going to be displayed. Any thoughts?

Paid apps maybe?

i think only interstitial ads for smart-watches…


Anyone installed new ADT for wear, TV …?
I updated and installed them but my PC lost sound.
I can not access “Device Manager” and can not find out the reason why for this issue.
If you face it, please share your idea to solve.
Thanks so much for your help!:slight_smile:

Vinh Do

Yes expect driver issues. If you want sound back, uninstall ADT for wear after you have played with them.

Guys any thoughts on how will material design theme perform on low end devices with RAM like 256MB

Thanks javaexp so much!
Hope will have a solution for this issue asap.
Fun programming! :')

Vinh Do

I have some TV ready games that I am considering to release for Android TV (since it requires only some AndroidManifest change and a controller setting for the default Google controller) - only paid I suppose are viable? - that could be worth it since there is not much of such apps now, so it might get some exposure in reviews etc.

I really doubt that L will be available on devices with 256MB RAM. Also on other presentations they said that system automatically will enable/disable animation depending of hardware performance.

Talking about wear than on this platform you can forget about ad monetization. Only paid/ in-app purchases. At least I would immediately uninstall app which would show ads on my watch.

I made some of my games tv compatible a few years ago (had gotten a sony tv/ google box combo). Most of the controllers for the google tv’s come with a touchpad type mouse like a laptop, so basically all I had to do was add the uses feature touchscreen required = false to the manifest. Also if they are portrait mode games you might want to rework the layouts. Most tv’s can only do landscape.

Didn’t really see a large increase in dl’s (this was a few years ago though). But did get quite a few bad ratings, because I didn’t really optomise them for TVs. So adding contoller support and reworking the layouts is a good idea.

Well, I already fully support Fire TV with one of my games (not many sales though, maybe one per two days) so it should be easy. That version might even work without any changes, it will be hard to test though without getting hands on some Android TV hardware.

So, I can say the main highlight of the Google I/O conference was Android L, Android One, Android Auto, Android wear, the Chromecast and chrome books is going to run android apps in future.