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Google glass is dead?

Well that’s what the news say, what do you guys think?

It has to be dead, today I haven’t seen anyone using it.
or wait… maybe its because it has not been released yet?

I asked them the same question 4 months ago, here is the official answer from the Glass - Google+ Page :slight_smile:
google glas.jpg

I wish they would say something about glass i was hope to make app for it:)

Glass had some issue about security and some inconvinient for user

It has to be dead, today I haven’t seen anyone using it

Google glass has to be dead as i would list down cons of it which will make it dead:

1.Distraction: Imagine doing an important task and being continuously or suddenly distracted by audio and/or visual information that does not pertain to that task. For instance, Google Glass users could be talking with someone when they are simultaneously bombarded with advertisements or emails. An even worse example is if users are driving a car, then any distraction could become very dangerous. Therefore, distractions from Google Glasses could be much worse than simple information overload with liability concerns.
2. Rudeness: Additionally, many people consider Google Glass users to be rude when they are or can be distracted by the devices.
Privacy: Other people are not aware if and when they are being recorded by Google Glass users, unlike a regular camera or cell phone when it is much more obvious when they are recording. Furthermore, people even behave differently when they believe that they could possibly be recorded. As a result, people are socially wary and even shun people who wearing Google Glasses.
3. Stress: With the always online culture with cell phones, tablets, and computers causing social and information overload, the lack of winding down periods has increased stress and anxiety in the population in general. With Google Glasses that can be always worn and in use, stress and anxiety will probably be significantly worse.
4. Surfing: Using Google Glasses for regular Internet surfing is a combination of both awkwardness and clumsiness. Thus, Google Glass is not as convenient and easy to use as a computer, tablet, or even a cell phone.
Anti-Social: Google Glasses promote anti-social behavior, such as being distracted, looking like a nerd or dork, privacy/recording infringement, rudeness, and even paranoia.
5. Ugly: Many people consider Google Glasses unsightly and even ugly. The aesthetics of the device could be greatly improved on, such as making them less visible or an add-on to existing eyeglasses or even sunglasses to hide them better.

Google Glass social media finally goes dead as Enterprise Edition rollout widens -

As we’ve mentioned many times, Google Glass isn’t dead. Google’s front for representing the device in the consumer eye may be gone now, but in the background Glass lives on under the umbrella of Project Aura.
While this may mark the end of the “Google Glass” name (yep, it’s a sad day indeed), several people familiar with the situation have said that Google is now being much less stringent about keeping Glass: Enterprise Edition under wraps. While the device has been in the hands of the clients for several Glass for Work partner groups since early last year, clients who managed to get the EE device had to be careful not to let images and information get out to the public.

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