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Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) - Are You Writing Glassware?

Google has just announced the upcoming release of their new Glass Development Kit (GDK). As distinct from the previous Mirror API, this new SDK will finally allow developers to compile and run native Android apps on Glass. In fact, it’s even possible to start writing apps using the existing Android SDK. All you need is a Google Glass device for testing purposes as they don’t have an emulator yet.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a device and start putting together some apps. Is anyone else planning to develop for Google Glass in the near future?

is it available on the market? what’s the procedure of getting glass for development?

They have some sample code here: which can be compiled using the regular Android SDK.
I think at the moment only Glass Explorers can upload anything to the market. But I’m guessing this will open up to everyone some time next year.

Did you manage to get this to run on a regular Android phone ? The pages there suggest it should be runnable on a regular Android device as well.

However even though the APK seems to be installed on the phone, it doesn’t appear in the Applications - and when run it using some other means (for example using AppBrain’s Ad Detector) - it says it is not an executable.

Does it have to be run using a “adb” command line command only (as the docs suggest for Glass - but here I was trying to run on a regular Android phone) ?

I dont plan to develop for Glass so soon, it won’t be popular too soon (given is price and awkwardness).

I wanted to develop for Chromecast when they first released, but I then read some bad reviews about it and gave up… did anyone try?

When will consumers be able to actually buy a pair of Google glasses?

Talk on the street is you too can be a ‘glass-hole’ sometime in Q2 2014…

I wish I lived in the US to get in the beta thing ;/

Do you think it is the court cases holding things up or they trying to pull and ‘Apple’ and build the hype pre-launch?

Looking forward to being able to wink at things and simultaneously take photos. :slight_smile:

Will there be a “Google Glass Play” on Glass? Are there any screenshots or images from Glass apps?

Ohh great!! I would like to know more abt it