Google for education - Anyone knows what's the deal with that?

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I’ve been hearing some rumors about the Google for education program, but I can’t find anything credible about that? Is it even running? Anyone got into the program? Is there profit involved?



I have applied a couple of months ago for one of my quiz game. IT was a long shot, since it was not particularly designed for kids, but just had some elements.
After several weeks, I got an email saying my app was not taken due to lack of content for education. No big deal, but it probably means there are humans checking for content. If you have an app targetted for education/kids, I think it cannot hurt your downloads to be included in an additional category :wink:

It’s actually quite good for paid apps because they could be bought for a whole classroom or school. But their criteria are quite strict, it should be an app really directed at the schools they are targeting (read the info that they have there).

Where do you find info on it or submit your app? Any link?

I think it’s in the developer dashboard, visible on the same page as you upload the app. Might be country restricted.

About Google Play for Education | Android Developers

I signed up and submitted one of my apps for the pilot program. Will let yall know if it gets accepted.

I got an email from Google on September 27th - from an actual employee address, not the typical [email protected] - saying this:

Greetings from the Google Play for Edu Team!

Please check the box to opt ‘SAT Vocab Master’ into Google Play for Education from the Android Developer Console today!

Your app was deemed educationally valuable by an independent group of educators, and we want to make it more readily available to schools. Once in Google Play for Education, your app has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of students, and be used by key influencers in the educational community.

To Opt in ‘SAT Vocab Master’ into Google Play for Education:
In the Developer Console All Applications page, click on ‘SAT Vocab Master’.
Under Pricing and Distribution, scroll down to find “Google Play for Education” and the opt-in checkbox.
Click the checkbox next to “Include my app in Google Play for Education…” (see screenshot below)
After you’ve opted-in, review the key criteria for approval and continue to the “Ads” and “In-app purchases” section. Check each checkbox that applies. Your app’s use of ads or in-app purchases will be shown to educators when they are browsing your app.
Click “Save” to save your Pricing and Distribution changes.

We are excited to have you partner with us as we bring cutting edge technology to schools. *

Best regards,
Google Play for Edu Team

I was under the impression that all I had to do was check the check box in order to join the program. But a week later I read somewhere you actually need to apply so I filled out a short form on their website. Then on October 14th, less than two weeks later got an acceptance email (this time it was from a ‘noreply’ address):

Greetings from Google Play,

Thank you for submitting your app for inclusion in Google Play for Education.

After careful review, we are happy to inform you that SAT Vocab Master has successfully passed review and is approved for inclusion in Google Play for Education.

If you haven’t yet, please visit and sign up to get more information on the program as it becomes available.


Best regards,
Google Play Apps Editorial Board

Haven’t heard anything about the program since then :slight_smile:

Clicking on Pricing and Distribution shows you these options:

[ ] Include this application in Google Play for Education.

Reading the related webpages, suggests that once you say yes to the checkbox, then you are screened for inclusion (may receive the e-mail mentioned by previous poster).

EDIT: when you turn on the checkbox you are shown a dialog box asking if your app has ads/in-app billing - I could not say “No” to in-app billing - it stayed stuck at “Yes”.

This reminded me of something I did not understand before - this page has this option (I had set this to on - i.e. I did not want Google to market etc. etc.):

[x] Do not promote my application except in Google Play and in any Google-owned online or mobile properties. I understand that any changes to this preference may take sixty days to take effect.

Can anyone suggest what this means - what do they mean “do not promote outside Google” essentially ?

This question is addressed here:


Meaning if you opt out (i. e. if the box is checked), non-Google entities (like mobile carries) won’t showcase your app in their ads. I don’t see why would anyone opt out, though.
To let them promote your app anywhere where possible, leave the box unchecked.
Unchecked. Means - yes, you can promote my app anywhere.

Can anyone suggest what this means - what do they mean “do not promote outside Google” essentially ?

The way I see it, it only matters for big apps like Angry Birds - there might be a Samsung commercial advertising the Galaxy Whatever that includes saying “you’ll enjoy access to great games like Angry Birds!”. Rovio could interpret that as Samsung trying to use Angry Birds to get people to buy their products. So maybe Google includes that as a way to protect big-name brands from being indirectly used to advertise another product. That’s my best guess.

Hello guys,

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