Google Detects Multiple Accounts Based On APK


We all know that google will ban us if they found we have multiple developer accounts. My question is:

  1. Let say I have 2 developer accounts
  2. I access those 2 accounts using different computers and different internet IP, let say via differnet VPS
  3. I build all my APKs using 1 computer
  4. One of my developer account is banned

Will google bans my other developer account as well? Will they be able to detect that both accounts has apps that were developed on the same computer which means the same person?


Nah I think not…If your second account is following all Google developer policy’s they won’t ban you …

Google detects by machine fingerprint only :wink:

Aren´t we allowed to have more than 1 account? What if i want to have all my puzzles in one account and all my arcades in other?

You can but 3 strikes or random “super strike” on one account can generate ban hammer. Better to use different machines each account and … different user data.
For you company I propose to use your own data but if you want more account and you are sure, that Google Wallet isn’t necessary, go with some bought account or created yourself but wihout your personal data.
Avoid login into 2 accounts on one machine.

  1. If you are legal, it’s ok to have more accounts but it’s risky, mistake or weird bot action can ruin all your accounts
  2. If you were banned in the past, it’s the only way: multiple computers or hiding fingerprint.

btw. Virtual Machines have common fingeprint :wink: all images creates on torrents can bring ban because google detects their fingerprint.
What is fingerprint:
-java verion in system
-flash version in system
-fonts used
-screen resolution
-pixel tracking (canvas - new fingerprinting method in Google Console, some plugin for firefox can cheat it)
-installed browser plugins

Fingerprint can detect machine with 100% accuracy, Google don’t care IP, many people works in cooworking, corporations, universities, ban hammer to all of them? :slight_smile:

I have description how to hide fingerprint for Google Console on my if anybody interested.

why facebook dont get ban ??
Facebok ,whatsapp,… apps that all come from facebook!!

That is good to know. Having to deal with google has made me grown as paranoid, lol. I thought the machine identity/fingerprint will be tied to the APK somehow and therefore they can detect the same person generating different APKs across different play store accounts. Thank you for all of your answers!

Generating APK is open source, if they have any tracking info inside, people get know :wink: apk is just zip file with encoded java and manifest :wink:

but…yes, some apks can be banned because used multiple times and banned before, google is making “image” of banned app to teach the bot in future hunting :wink: it’s like “find similar elements”

but google cant find it why some games are very very fake games like Clash Royale name it was 2weeks in the store on google after it get ban the next app comes … there are also other fake games. And one of the most biggest fake game was ****
was more than 1mio downloads 1mio downloads after 1 month and after 2 month it get a ban lol but after 2 month they need to ban a fake game.

PM me this biggest fake game :wink:

The apk file is nothing but a compressed document for many files that was made by YOU.
In this case your MACHINE.

You are using different platform to manage different accounts but they have content from the same provider which is YOU.

I don’t think you are safe.
You can never be safe with Google.

PS : I believe that there is some Google employee watching topics here for sure.
If you are reading this.
You can go fùck yourself :slight_smile:

I am agree that IP address is not an issue. Anyway, how Google detect fingerprint is evolving each day.

Using multiple computers could be a solution, but can we use computer A to develop, generate the APK, and only upload in computer B?

Generate APK in PC B is recommended.

Do you have any bad experience regarding using the same PC?

APK generation progress is not important because gradle/ant/maven and sdk are open source like android… if google have some spy in it, stackoverflow would be full of angry devs
but I suggest to edit screenshots in photoshop, change size, color balance a little because can be pixel tracking :wink:

You can add additional users to your applications through the website play store download and give them whatever permissions you feel are appropriate. To do so, follow the Add Developer account users & manage permissions guide.

However, it sounds like you don’t really just want to add additional users. It sounds like you want to do a full transfer of the application to a new account. In that case, you will want to follow the Transfer apps to a different developer account guide.