Google Bans Developers

There are a LOT of developers who have been banned, just from what is actually posted online. I’m sure there are many more that never mentioned it on any forums or anything.

And I am yet another indie developer who was recently banned by Google, which is what sparked my interest and made me aware of the situation.

Long story short, Google claimed my phone locator apps were spyware and took them off Google Play. They were not spyware, but did violate Google’s ‘spyware polices’ (which, you don’t ever agree to). They also did NOT violate anything written in their Distribution Agreement or Content Policy. 3 months after that, they deactivated my entire account, taking my other apps off as well, saying it was for “multiple policy violations”, referring to the locator apps being removed.

After much searching and a couple of appeals, I’ve learned that Google’s appeal process is probably automated and that they will keep banning developers without a fair fight.

To hopefully help stop how they handle account terminations, please sign the petition at

My brother got banned since few days he is also indie developer

Be careful then because they might ban you too if you use your devices on his network etc.

Do you think that you can change anything? It’s Google, evil! Learn iOS and Windows Phone, make legit apps n different platforms, just spam apps on Google Play.

Problem is that IOS and windows store don’t bring downloads as compared to play store so play store can’t be and shouldn’t be ignored

Mobile Phone App Store Statistics | Statistic Brain
check this :wink:

Problem is that Android can be compared to blackberry with IAP and paid apps. So I think android is only for ads, if you want to have nice IAP income, just go Windows or iOS. In 2014 iOS is still a king :expressionless:

I was talking about user base/market share of the number of users having android phones

Ugly Market Data For Apple Shows How Desperately It Needs iPhone 6 To Be A Hit | Business Insider India

on iOS with the same app description and keywords. Same game gives max 100 downloads and on play store it gave 1K downloads for me.
I am still thinking what to do about iOS to increase downloads to at least 500. adding more keywords is the only option I can think of

Right now, I don’t think I can change anything, but with time and support from developers (and hopefully some users), it could possibly happen.

Google Play lends to visibility, even if I also had iOS and Windows phone apps. publishing on GPlay also can lend to web-based services, so that developers can offer Android,iOS, and web together.

Mostly developers don’t care and go to alternative stores/platforms/looking for tricks to get back into play market. Got ban? Welcome in my world! From 2011 I got even 100 accounts ban and I’m still here, more powerfull than ever, with rich knowledge. I don’t care if google bans because I haven’t time to fight with them. Their store, their rules.

Maybe someone else want to help in your fight :wink: for me it’s nonsense, android is temporary, earn money as you can and leave it. There is no future for IAP and paid apps for developers from europe because their new rules. So google play will be always platform for spam apps.

Looking at your 50k a day challenge website, you are earning $700 a day at the moment, that’s really impressive congratulations!

I have a question, what app store has been the most profitable for you apart for Google Play?

@ramzixp - nice idea with the blog, I will be definitely reading it. And it’s a great way to polish English (pun intended). :slight_smile:

Google play only, If you like you can test amazon, opera, mobogenie, slideme but for me it’s wasting time (forget about getjar, they cannot give you more than 1000-10 000 downloads). If you get kick from Google Play, try to come back or just leave android. Ill try to use windows phone this month (now started to coding my app) but in Windows Store I am going to respect all rules. First ban in play I got without any reason, so I don’t care their terms&conditions now.

I don’t know if I get $50k/day, maybe $15-25k/day but this is my last battle with android. Max focus on target, work 10h/day until I win. I think about 1 year to get this point. Ofcourse, it’s the best way to train english. Now I have to read again about grammar rules and use it. Learned english for 16 years and still poor, why? Just not using it. Now I have opportunity.

-Is this where I can find out about the policies ? ( I know they kept updating and changing but just wanted to get a good idea of the basics if you don’t mind. Sorry that that took down your app and giving you the run around. I was in health insurance and I know how that goes man.