Google Banning Live Wallpaper

Is Google Banning Live Wallpaper of Celebrities ?

I can only assume they would be doing this as you don’t own the copyright for the images?

Owner of image has not a problem but the great google has a problem…

from my experience, no. If you make a fan app named “Adele, Rihanna etc” it won’t get banned… at least I wasn’t. You should ask for permission to use the image from the author, or if you want to risk a little, just write a disclaimer that all images are copyrighted to their authors, etc etc.

copyright = the right of copying … pretty obvious that such a disclaimer will not help you in any manner … it will just state that you do know that you do not own copyright and do it nevertheless

Such careless handling with IP/Trademarks is the reason for all that DRM/DMCA stuff we are facing nowadays. and you even monetize it … license? who cares, found on web, should be public, lets do it. What? Banned? WTF?

How to: Get a license to publish -> let’s go. You’ll find mutliple sources of such imaginery with proper licensing.

true true…

Also in such situation, is it only matter to get permission / license from author of photo (photographer)? What about using someone’s (celebrity) image (i don’t know if it’s proper word in english - i’m not talking about picture) - is it allowed? I think it’s gray area.

For example, if i take a photo of, can i use it in my game? I have a rights to such photo - after all i’ve made it.

no no i don’t think that google will ban