Google App analytics

So far i’ve been using the dashboard information , as i only wanted to know the location,android version and basics like that .

From now on i want to know more about which buttons is user pressing , load times etc etc.

Are you guys using app analytics? If yes , have you been benefited by the insights it provides?

Yes I am using app analytics not from one site but from 3-4 websites. One such website is Flurry where you can see analysis of your apps very easily.

thats good , do you do anything with the insights?

I use flurry too, but I do not much with the screen tracking. I like to check the geographies that the app is used, but now I have google play developer console so not much need for it.

I like to see how many users are clicking the more games button. :slight_smile:

I think Google Analytics does have “Event Tracking” (where you put in a one line code in different places with a tag string - and are then able to see in analytics which tags were encountered - and sometimes in which order).

In Google Analytics you can see the sequence of Activity activations without doing anything extra (if you are initializing it in every activity you start etc.).

I have however not used the Google Analytics “Event Tracking” thing yet (some here have I think) - but I did use’s “Event Tracking” - and it WAS useful to get a real idea of what menu items users click on etc. In my case I would say the most important thing I learnt is how LITTLE users were clicking on some menu items that I had gone through a lot of effort to include. And it really brings home the “statistical” significance of things - and may give the developer insight into “what really is important to the user” (rather than what the developer is thinking maybe important to the user).

It also brings home the greater impact of putting things on the first page, instead of 2, 3 levels down - as at each level of indirection, there is huge attrition of user interest. That is, if you want something clicked you better put it in a place where it is visible - also means that there is a finite amount of “user attention” - that you need to dole out. A bit unrelated to the discussion here, but let me just give an example - if you put in a blurb for another app of yours (an interstitial for instance) - then you are cutting at the advertisable space (i.e. same space could have been used to make money etc.). And so on - so there really is a finite amount of user attention (i.e. if you want to keep within some limit of nuisance to user - put too many ads/blurbs etc. and it cuts down on user interest in your app etc.). And so on …

Thats another reason why i thought about analytics in the first place, many users are too lazy to press the help button(analytics !) , hence 1* reviews, so i placed a small tutorial on first start up , another confusion i have is to put my own app add, or through an ad network…

I don’t find Google Analytics very useful for deep mobile app analytics.
Why don’t you use some services like Swrve or for a deeper analytics?
By the way, do you analyze your app reviews?