Google AdMob was disabled to one app which was not using AdMob!

Hey guys,
I received a weird message from AdMob saying that one of my apps had been disabled on AdMob… but it had no AdMob banner!! I had not even registered the App on AdMob at all!! And the app was in an GP account with diferent email from my AdMob account!!! WTF!!!
The app had some mature content so I put an Appbrain banner instead of AdMob. Does Appbrain show inventory from AdMob?


Dude i’m not sure but, or appbrain use admob in some ads or someone making money with your app(but it seems impossible)…

Maybe they’ve linked your accounts somehow? Double check everything to make sure you’re not muddling something up.
I wouldn’t rely on AppBrain banners alone, since they don’t vary much.
Regarding AppBrain showing inventory from Admob, an advertiser could well be running a campaign on both networks, but that applies across all networks.
AppBrain performs well for me when I allocate it at 10% or less of traffic.

I sent them a message regarding this issue, even knowing that it probably won’t be answered… I double checked and the app doesn’t exist in any reports of AdMob. I am scared as they said they will ban my account if they find another “violation” like that.

May be your app in question uses admob appID of some of your other app,which is registered in admob, accidentally (highly unlikely but possible if you work by copying codes between projects in your workspace like me…)

If you are absolutely sure, then you really need to push that to them as they are incorrect. I’ve dealt with a few Admob support staff through e-mail correspondence in the past and some of them are helpful, while some of them are not, so good luck. I would even try posting to their Google+ page.

Yes, I also suspected that… but the app doesn’t even have the admob api… Anyway, I hope they answer my message and confirm it was some mistake…