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Hello experts,

I want to your review about my earnings with Admob,

is this can be considered as good earning ( as an average).
you feedback and suggestions please

Many Thanks

Your earnings are pretty bad from such a big number of impressions.

From 3 millions of impressions you earned only ~$230, so your eCPM is less than $0.1 which is awful. It’s either you show your ads way tooo often which leads to a high number of impressions but poor engagement or your users are only from tier 3-4 countries.

Normally from this kind of impressions you should expect to earn over $1k+.

Thanks vadimbolun
yes exactly the main users percentage is from 3-4 countries.
in my case, any suggestions for better earnings??


Can’t advice anything without knowing what’s your app doing, how the ads are placed and stuff like that…but seeing that your fill-rate is perfect then you definitely have some work to do in order to increase your revenue.

If you want you can share your app link here and I guess other people will love to offer an advice, but without knowing anything about your app it’s pretty much impossible.

Yeah, can i ask you what type of ads you use:

  • just banner ?
  • banner and full screen ads?
  • position you place ads?
  • And in my exp, with 12k click you gain near 200 usd. it’s too low. i think almost click from africa, some country asia. with 0.01 usd/click

this is my app link:

I use just banners.

and this is countries percentage:
Saudi Arabia 55%
Iraq 20%
Lebanon 15%
Jordan 10%

and below is the Mediation details:

Many Thanks

10.000 – 50.000 installs generated over 3 millions of ad requests? :open_mouth: This is weird

Try maybe using startapp for banners and some interstitials(startapp, mobilecore, appnext) . Your earnings should go up(hopefully).

I think you can do better with this app.
Display interstitial ads before exit is a good start. Also, if the refresh rate is too high you might want to tune it a little.

i think you should use at least 2 type of ads : banner and interstitials. Admob provide both.

These are difficult to monetize no doubt… But still the revenue is way too low… That too from admob.

Not sure how much you would make from startapp, mobilecore etc. too since there might not be a lot of CPI campaigns for these countries. Also, your CTR is a little on the lower side.

Reach out to ad networks who can work on CPC. Add one or two which can offer a minimum of 6 to 7 cents CPC and use admob as backfill.