Good tablet for development


I have galaxy mini and galaxy s2. Now i’m thinking of buying a tablet for testing, so that i have one device with higher resolution as well. Do i have to spend over 400$ to get a decent tablet? Or is there a good tablet in the range of 200 - 300$? When i’m not testing i will be playing some games and surfing on web with the tablet.

Not sure about international shipping, but Kogan (an Australian company) was selling a good ICS tablet for $200. They’ve run out of stock now (because it was such a good deal!) but I’d expect this tablet to be back in production again soon.

Does they deliver decent performance … ?

I got an Asus TF101 for testing purposes - I don’t know how they are priced currently, but it works pretty well and also got an ICS Update.

Might be worth waiting until EOM to see if Google come up with anything interesting at I/O.

There are some good tablets for android development which are:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

You can get galaxy tab 2 very easily and that too less than $200. This is becoz Tab 3 has been launched.

i like samsung galay note 3 , size enough to be tablet computer . watching tv and playing games
is very good

Well, if you’re good to go under $200-$300 range then why don’t you go for Google Nexus7 I knows its pretty much old over the market but still I would say It’s still the best for personal as well as for testing purpose. It’s still updating means you can test the compatibility of your application over the latest version of Android OS which I am sure you could do with the other newer devices to… okay okay I agreed I am a fan of Google’s devices so, from my point of view I think the nexus7 will be a prefect choice.

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Well, why don’t you try getting samsung tab2 or tab3 I guess they do offer quite a great deal and it would cost around $250-$300.

i just bought one on ebay for 155$! it is used though. but i had good experience with used phones so far so i think this is a good option if you want to stay cheap :slight_smile:
i checked finished auctions, they usually go away for 150-170 $. it should not be too hard to find a good deal

i think samsung galaxy tab 3 is the best for you,and it cost almost 190$