good stand alone network ? (beside admob)

What is a good stand alone network (no mediation) ?

I already tested appnext and of course admob …

Any other good ad network these days ? With good ecpm, high fill rate and early payout conditions ?

Fan but you will need to have a fallback network because of low fill rate.

facebook audience network is not bad

Heyzap, applovin, admob, mediabrix, adbuddiz… there are quite a few. Which one is the best for you? thats difficult.
If you use Enhance™, you can try out any network in a matter of minutes… If you don’t like one, swap it out in a few simple steps.
Add multiple networks and setup a waterfall in a few simple steps. There are more options available too. Check it out by clicking the banner.

Good Luck!

As you mentioned you’ve already used appnext & admob, yes there are lots of other network which you can try, for example: FAN, Heyzap, Appolvin etc…
Basically it depends on how you want the network, I prefer go and test one by one.
I hope you will find a good network for your work.

FAN used to be something I like but nowadays, performance getting worse.