Good Review and 5 star exchange with G+

Hello friends,

Just got this app up and running on it’s feet. If anyone can help a brutha out, I’ll definitely return the favor!:slight_smile: I’m on this thing all the time so you’ll get your review and stuff ASAP!


Hi, done as “shehroz khan”
Here’s my link plz do the same for me

i just reviewed your app ( nice game ) ;

(youssefelbarkaoui) : "lot of fun. Sounds and effects are really good! " 5 star rating , +G

can you do the same for my application : its an android news reader :


its done comment under christian hunkin plus the G+

thanks dude

Done Review your app with five star and G+ with name Muhammad Adam, here is my app : .Help with review it and G+ .

its done comment under christian hunkin with G+

thanks buddy

hey sorry but your link didnt work try private messaging me with the other link so i can give you that review


Hey bro. Just 5* rated and G+under the name Miles Prowler. Please do same for me. Thanks


PM sent !!! :slight_smile: