Good push ads with custom EULAs

I always try to put all EULAs into one, for few of them it is possible but I don’t know any push network that allows it and fits my needs.

It’s what I currently know:

TapContext - supports custom EULA, I use it for now, but I feel that it’ll not last for long cos this network behaves too scammy.
SendDroid - supports, but ppl report low fill rates outside US/UK and low ecpm (anyway it’s my only alternative for now).

Leadbolt - doesn’t support? There is something with showing toasts for backward compatibility instead of EULA but I don’t know if it’s ok.
Airpush - doesn’t support (I’d like to use AP mostly, but they force me to show additional EULA).

I know that for any network I can crack their sdk but I’d prefer to have official support and not get banned by ad provider.

So are there any Airpush-like networks with good ecpm + weekly payments that allow custom EULA?

We have support for custom EULAs in the AppBucks SDK.

Give us a shot. V1.5 was just released, as well … more information here: