Good publishers for iOS / Android

Does anyone know of a publisher for iOS and Android that might be interested in publishing a simplistic game?

Most of the publishers I see have really large, complex and intricate games.

I’ve heard of Ketchapp and Bulkypix, but are there any others?

I heard that Ketchapp steals games. Theres a thread how they stole circle pong in this forum

Do you really need a publisher? Looking at Bulkypix account it seems that they are horrible publishers, very low downloads for very good games…

I find the need of a publisher because the type of games I am making are pretty intricate and themed. So it takes really long and I want “something” back in return for my effort and time. I think even if publishers take a large share out of the revenue, there are greater chances of me making “something”.

Also, I have felt that I myself feel addicted to certain games that are already popular. For example, I liked Badland because it is awesome and I might have continued playing it because it has a crowd following.

Isn’t there a huge bias which users feel while scrolling through games? 100,000 downloads with 3.5 star rating vs 10,000 downloads with 4.5 star rating?

Can i take a look at the game?

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Ketchapp is one of the best for simple casual games