Good prices for marketing your app with @apps_and_game

Heya guys, im here to share some news with you all.
I started working with a Marketing Company a month ago, and one of their branches does marketing services for Apps and Games developers, specially for Indies… They have a big community in Instagram with over 20.000 users, being one of the biggest Apps Page on Instagram, their page is called @Apps_and_Game.

I proposed to my Boss to do a special offer to our developers since im from this community and so on, I’ve found it usefull and could be useful for you guys as well, to shoutout about your games and projects… but more important than that, to do it CHEAPLY.

From my personal point of view as a Game Developer, I’ve found this Advertising option incredibly good for us around here, specially for mobile developers… why?

-Instagram is a Mobile Social Network… This means if the user is checking the @Apps_and_Game page, and reading about your game, they are doing it through their mobile devices, and if they like your App they will directly download it since they have the device on hand! Its a different effect than getting the advertising while surfing on their PCs… People are more likely to jump to the Appstores and get the app they just saw in the palm of their hands, even if its awesome or kinda good since there is no need of a big effort.

- Instagram is a combination of Visual and Textual Advertising (since you publish pictures and images) but also text and information can be added, so its a quick method to catch attention of any kind of public… and you can even ask to publish videos of your app!

- Followers are from your niche… This means that if you like a page on instagram, you click to “Follow that page”, that way the 20k+ community they have on @Apps_and_Game are all people that are APP HUNGRY, they want to receive news about…well, apps and games to install them right away

- But the most important… Its economical dude. When i was in my pursuit to advertise my game i found tough options, coming from 50$ to up to 500$ to get a featuring, which is a hard investment when you are starting on this business, but this guys have friendly prices for developers, and much more with the nice discounts i proposed for our community, being as low as 5$ for publishing and talking once about your Product, and you can repeat it as many times as you might need, adapting your strategy to your budget since they show different prices and offers.

Their Instagram profile is:

Feel free to contact them that way, or you can also get in touch with me, so i can propose your project to the Social Community Manager in charge of their App’s Branch.

Hope this info is useful for you guys, ill also keep you informed around here the following weeks!

looks like mainly fake followers to me… 20K follower and getting less then 100 likes per post and you only got to 10k followers 7 days ago

heya kew, thanks for the post. Im not in charge of the marketing area of the agency, just do the design of the logos for other sections… but i asked the SCM about it and they are investing for shoutouts from big pages, some names they told me were “Cosasdewhatsapp”, “Elcoyotecojo” and there was another but i dont remember… these pages gross followers from 500k to 1million so to me its a great shoutout. I did also a research on @Apps_and_Game followers and they all seem very normal, specially most of them are activelly game fans… Likes should not be a determinant point and actually, likes is something that can be bought or got with tags… so meh xD

The only place to purchase shoutouts for your mobile game is !