Good keyword rating but low downloads - help needed

My game Car Racing: Ignition seems to appear at quite good position in search for keyword “car racing”. According to Appannie it is 6th for keyword “car racing” and 5th for “car racer” in USA yet my store views and downloads are unsatisfactory (around 200 daily views in USA and 70 daily downloads (around 400 daily downloads globally). For such keyword position - wouldn’t you expect more? What do you think I could do to improve?

sorry i dont get your point… you are saying you are getting only 200 downloads daily ???
But on the play store page i can see you are having between 1 - 5 mio. downloads already !!! and also over 16000 reviews ! So were is your problem ?
The app is doing great !

Well, my apps used to have their moment but it was in 2013-2014. Now this is just a struggle. I was rather wondering if “car racing” as a search term is… relevant for this game? If so, why only 75 downloads from US?

400 downloads a day is really a low number compared to some 10.000 downloads a day you may have had in the past. The problem i think is that now your app is not under “recommended for you” section anymore. Maybe you can try to change that icon and do more SEO to get more people on your store. The icon seems really old and not appealing at all. On my search results for english language you come at 25 position not 6th

I admit that this was my guess, too. Is there any idea how do you get into “recommended for you” section these days? I guess in the past the number of “+1” may have had some influence. But today?

Hi there… If you improve your icon and make a better description with good ASO, you won’t need to be on the recommended apps for have an increase on your downloads. Your impressions are good, but the conversion rate is getting low. I’m 99% sure that is due the low keyword density and of course, because of the icon. Make a try !

you were rank 3 in car racing for me

Hi base on your situation, you can do appeal ptimization- it is every bit as important as search optimization. Even if your app rank top 10 in app stores, app installs will remain low if users don’t immediately see the value it can have for them. You can optimize appeal from the following aspects:

[li]Create an attractive App Title - Keep it simple and memorable.[/li][li]Using eye-catching icon and screenshots and attractive videos. Graphical elements are always helpful to convince users. [/li][li]Writing a great description. Your app descriptions count for much in enticing users to download your app. Highlight your app features and advantages in first 3~5 lines. Keep it short and simple. Highlight your app features and advantages in first 3~5 lines. Keep it short and simple.[/li][/ul]
Besides, there is another best way to incease the download rates - buy positive reviews. Because a survey shows that about 95% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, and most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews, especially for a new app.