Good banner ad network

Hello, I’m using admob … and yes, as we all know its horrible, in some cases I think my case is even worse that the usual “horrible” standard here :smiley:

So I have a question for you,

Can you suggest me a good banner ad network? For now I use only banner ads, and I was thinking to change my network to have a decent revenue.

Recenetly I’ve published new application, and for now I get roughly about 0.03$ per click. Most of my traffic comes from Eastren Europe and Asia (Such as Russia and India)
Yes, I know it matters if the traffic was from US,Westren Europe, Or Asia. But still I dont think that it should be that low in my case.

Thank you


If you are looking for banner ad network, you can try leadbolt.
I switched from admob banner to leadbolt banner, the revenue apparently increased.
My referral link as follows:
Airpush - Mobile Ad Network | Mobile RTB | Android App Monetization

However, leadbolt interstitial ad is not doing that well.
I’m using appbrain and vungle for interstitial.

Thank you.

Why did you promote Leadbolt and then provide an AirPush referral?

Can you provide proof that Leadbolt actually gave you a better result than Admob? Leadbolt is well known to be dead these days.

Hey, Leadbolt here. Come see how alive we are! :wink:

Hi, Leadbolt here. We’d love to help you. Have you been in touch?

You may want to try StartApp banner.
StartApp banner implements Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Install.
You can even get $15 bonus when you reach 100k impressions by clicking on the link below.