Good App - Backup on Phone Lost (Must try it)

This is only SINGLE app in the market, where you can get the latest back up on Email of your lost phone by simple SMS or when SIM is changed.
Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone with the original Back Up Lost Phone.
Top Key Features -

  • When Phone is lost - Just send SMS “Backup” with your password , Backup of Phone/SIM Contacts, SMS, Call Log will be automatically Emailed to you.
  • When SIM is changed, it will silently send the ALL New SIM contact numbers to your Email. You get the all the numbers of Stolen person.
  • Get the stolen phone’s new number when new SIM card is inserted in 4 contacts numbers.
  • Act like Pager - User can save keywords in his application, and in case of mobile lost or misplaced he/she can send the keyword through sms and the phone will ring, even if it is in silent mode.

You can download from Google Play for Free -