Good AD Networks like the old Airpush bundle 2 for 3rd party stores?

First of all this forum is dying a slow painful death with a lot of spammers and scammers and no moderators. I remember the good ol days (2014-15) wen people actually discussed something useful. Now a days everyone wants to sell their product or spam. Many old devs have scattered already.

Anyways, in todays competition getting downloads on Play is almost impossible. So many people stick to 3rd party.
Are there any new players in the market who offer earnings like the old Airpush bundle 2. I got some one-time-open apps and Admob doesn’t seem to do well on them. I’m basically looking for something like PPD or CPI networks.
Also, can anyone recommend good 3rd party stores where you can get downloads easily on bulk-made apps or any cheap app ideas like lock screens/lwps?

I think we found what you are looking for. Imagine an SDK like Bundle 2 but instead of a PPI, you are paid a CPM. We have an out of app experience and can serve up to 30 interstitial/video out-of-app ads a day to each user. Our current average is $.50.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 4.56.42 PM.jpg

We just started a thread, come join us and feel free to ask any questions there! Tapcore - Better monetize your 3rd party market apps! - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Try out different networks and see how they work for you. One that worked well for a friend might not perform the same for you.

The sdk is dead!!!

You don’t have to spend all of your time implementing or updating SDK’s. No more hours of coding just to find out that you don’t like a network or a network doesn’t work good for you… Enhance® allows you to quickly swap out SDK’s so you can check out different networks more easily! No more time spent just to bring your current SDK’s up to the newest version… With Enhance®, you can be done in a few clicks of your mouse…

For more information on the fastest way to implement and update SDK’s, follow the link :

Good luck on your search.

Check out Alphagravel’s 3rd Party SDK. It pays per install, just like the old Airpush bundle2 did. It works in all 3rd party markets. We have many developers already on it. Let me know if any issues. Thanks.

Hey guys!:slight_smile:
I read so many stories about non-responsive managers, about delays with payments and confirmations and so on.
It would be great to recommence your believing into affiliate networks again.

Many companies are focused on getting “fast money” but nor reliable partners and long term cooperation and this is the main reason of misunderstandings and quarreling.

Thats why I want to pay your attention to your manager firstly. Personal approach, support - it is what you need to get.
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how much per install