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Hola! Check out our TOP 10 eCPMs for Dating vertical by location:

Norway $70.4
Australia $67.6
Denmark $47.7
United States $39.76
Switzerland $38.4
Netherlands $37.6
New Zealand $35.92
Sweden $34.8
United Kingdom $32.1
Canada $30.2

Do you have SDK for Android?

We don’t have it at the moment.

Hola! Our most paying eCPMs by location for Dating vertical:

Denmark $80.2
Norway $77.6
Switzerland $71.2
Australia $62.8
Sweden $48.2
Canada $41.2
Netherlands $40.6
New Zealand $38.5
United Kingdom $36.7
United States $36.2
Austria $35.1
France $32.9
Ireland $31.4
Belgium $30.7
South Africa $30.5

Subject: TOP 20 for Dating vertical

Hola! See our last week’s TOP eCPMs based on location (Dating vertical):

Norway $86.9
Switzerland $81.8
Denmark $73.4
Australia $67.3
Sweden $66.4
United Kingdom $64.8
Austria $58.1
New Zealand $55.4
Belgium $52.8
Netherlands $48.6
Germany $45.2
Canada $38.8
Finland $35
United States $29.2
Ireland $28.9
France $28.6
Spain $27.5
Italy $24.1
South Africa $20.4
Japan $18.2

Subject: TOP 20 eCPMs by location

Hi, guys! Choose our high paying eCPMs for Dating vertical by location:

[li]Australia $92.8
[/li][li]United Kingdom $80.2
[/li][li]Sweden $76.7
[/li][li]Norway $74.8
[/li][li]Switzerland $72.3
[/li][li]New Zealand $63.2
[/li][li]Belgium $57.1
[/li][li]France $55.4
[/li][li]Netherlands $52.9
[/li][li]Denmark $51.2
[/li][li]United States $38.3
[/li][li]Canada $37.2
[/li][li]Germany $35.6
[/li][li]Austria $34.7
[/li][li]Italy $33.2
[/li][li]Spain $31.4
[/li][li]Portugal $25.7
[/li][li]Turkey $24.2
[/li][li]Finland $24.1
[/li][li]Ireland $23.7

Switzerland: $86.2 eCPM

Fresh TOP20 eCPM by country for a dating vertical:

[li]Switzerland $86.2[/li][li]United Kingdom 77.2$[/li][li]Netherlands $74.8[/li][li]Norway $72.5[/li][li]Sweden $71.3[/li][li]Denmark $70.1[/li][li]Canada $69.6[/li][li]Belgium $67[/li][li]Australia $65.1[/li][li]Austria $59.2[/li][li]Germany $43.5[/li][li]Finland $42[/li][li]France $39.6[/li][li]United States $36.2[/li][li]Italy $32.1[/li][li]Spain $30.2[/li][li]New Zealand $28.5[/li][li]Turkey $24.1[/li][li]Singapore $20.4[/li][li]Portugal $18.5[/li][/ul]

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Subject: TOP 20 eCPMs by country for Dating vertical

We are pleased to present you our TOP20 New Year’s countries by eCPM. Switzerland is still ahead in the race.


[li] Switzerland $70,7[/li][li] Norway $68.4[/li][li] Australia $65.8[/li][li] New Zealand $60.2[/li][li] Belgium $58.2 [/li][li] Singapore $54.6 [/li][li] United Kindom $51.3 [/li][li] Netherlands $50.9 [/li][li] Denmark $49 [/li][li] Sweden $48.2 [/li][li] Canada $47.8[/li][li] United States $42.1[/li][li] Austria $39.4 [/li][li] Germany $35.2[/li][li] France $30.8[/li][li] Italy $28.6[/li][li] Finland $25 [/li][li] Spain $22.2[/li][li] Israel $20.4 [/li][li] Portugal $14.7 [/li][/ul]

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017! See you next year!

Subject: New SmartLink: Mainstream

Breaking Good News from Gus: Now, El Traficante also offers a Mainstream smartlink, in addition to our existing top-performing Dating and BizOpp smartlinks.

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United States: $50.9 eCPM

Check out our latest TOP 20 eCPM for Dating Vertical listed by location:

[li]Norway $74.2
[/li][li]Switzerland $71.2
[/li][li]Australia $63.5
[/li][li]New Zealand $60.4
[/li][li]Denmark $57.2
[/li][li]United Kingdom $56.3
[/li][li]Sweden $54.7
[/li][li]United States $50.9
[/li][li]Austria $47.2
[/li][li]Belgium $45.1
[/li][li]France $42.3
[/li][li]Netherlands $40.8
[/li][li]Finland $39.3
[/li][li]Germany $32.1
[/li][li]Italy $31.7
[/li][li]Spain $30.2
[/li][li]Canada $28.1
[/li][li]Ireland $25.8
[/li][li]Singapore $21.4
[/li][li]Russia $19.2

Hi everyone!
We will be attending the European Summit from the 14-17th of September in Prague. We’re looking forward to meeting our current and future partners, and of course we’ll happily meet anybody who wishes to learn more about the capabilities and potential of our platform.

You can easily book a meeting with us at a time that’s convenient to you. Just drop us a line at: [email protected]

We are pleased to announce that the Los Pollos team will attend the Moscow Affiliate Conference, which will be held on September 28 in Moscow. We’re looking forward to meet our existing partners in person, and happy to make new connections with you all.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to arrange a meeting with our team.

Check our TOP20 eCPM by country for the Mainstream vertical:

[li]Denmark $32.2
[/li][li]Finland $26.6
[/li][li]France $24.5
[/li][li]Sweden $24.1
[/li][li]Greece $23.4
[/li][li]USA $22.5
[/li][li]New Zealand $21.3
[/li][li]Germany $19.5
[/li][li]Norway $18.0
[/li][li]Cyprus $17.1
[/li][li]Switzerland $16.5
[/li][li]Slovenia $14.7
[/li][li]Austria $13.5
[/li][li]Slovakia $12.3
[/li][li]Ireland $11.5
[/li][li]Latvia $10.7
[/li][li]Singapore $9.6
[/li][li]Spain $8.9
[/li][li]Iran $8.8
[/li][li]Czech Republic $8.3

Check out the latest TOP20 eCPM for our Dating vertical:

[li]Sweden $69.9
[/li][li]Norway $58.6
[/li][li]Denmark $55.5
[/li][li]Iceland $45.7
[/li][li]Australia $39.5
[/li][li]Switzerland $32.9
[/li][li]New Zealand $31.4
[/li][li]Austria $29.8
[/li][li]USA $28.5
[/li][li]France $27.9
[/li][li]Finland $26.9
[/li][li]Canada $25.6
[/li][li]Belgium $24.4
[/li][li]United Kingdom $22.1
[/li][li]Germany $19.4
[/li][li]Italy $18.2
[/li][li]Spain $17.1
[/li][li]Netherlands $15.5
[/li][li]Singapore $14.6
[/li][li]Portugal $13.8

You’ll want to swipe right on these Dating payouts! Find your match amongst our Top 20 eCPM this week:

[li]Norway $54.3
[/li][li]Australia $48.2
[/li][li]New Zealand $44.7
[/li][li]Sweden $42.9
[/li][li]USA $39.9
[/li][li]Denmark $39.6
[/li][li]United Kingdom $39.2
[/li][li]Finland $38.6
[/li][li]Iceland $37.7
[/li][li]Canada $36.4
[/li][li]Switzerland $34.4
[/li][li]France $31.7
[/li][li]Austria $28.8
[/li][li]Singapore $26.4
[/li][li]Germany $20.1
[/li][li]Czech Republic $16.3
[/li][li]Belgium $14.8
[/li][li]Russia $14.2
[/li][li]Israel $13.1
[/li][li]Romania $11.6

Whether you’re already using it, or about to implement our Mainstream smartlink, our algorithm is indicating that Japan is trending for sweeps, pin submits and entertainment offers. We recommend you pay special attention to the land of the rising sun this week.

TOP20 eCPM by country:

[li]Norway $53.4
[/li][li]Denmark $26.4
[/li][li]New Zealand $21.7
[/li][li]Finland $21.2
[/li][li]Switzerland $18.7
[/li][li]Sweden $18.6
[/li][li]France $17.4
[/li][li]Japan $16.4
[/li][li]Greece $14.5
[/li][li]Nigeria $11.9
[/li][li]USA $11.5
[/li][li]Sri Lanka $10.9
[/li][li]Slovakia $10.7
[/li][li]Kenya $10.5
[/li][li]Moldova $10.4
[/li][li]United Arab Emirates $10.1
[/li][li]Germany $9.8
[/li][li]Macedonia $9.4
[/li][li]Canada $9.2
[/li][li]Turkey $8.5

Our Russian Dating eCPMs are so high this week, you’d think they’d been doping! Don’t worry, we swear they’re 100% clean.

Check our Top 20 eCPM this week:

[li]Norway $67.9
[/li][li]Canada $45.2
[/li][li]Sweden $44.4
[/li][li]Australia $43.1
[/li][li]New Zealand $42.8
[/li][li]USA $40.8
[/li][li]Finland $39.3
[/li][li]Denmark $38.5
[/li][li]Switzerland $36.9
[/li][li]Austria $35.4
[/li][li]United Kingdom $34.9
[/li][li]France $30.5
[/li][li]Russia $27.2
[/li][li]Singapore $26.3
[/li][li]Germany $25.1
[/li][li]Czech Republic $17.4
[/li][li]Israel $15.1
[/li][li]Italy $14.8
[/li][li]South Africa $14.2
[/li][li]Slovenia $13.9


Our Mainstream eCPMs are magically delicious this week! Chase the rainbow to our pot of gold in Ireland.

TOP20 eCPM by country:

[li]Norway $43.1
[/li][li]Sweden $26.6
[/li][li]New Zealand $25.7
[/li][li]Japan $23.1
[/li][li]Finland $20.4
[/li][li]Ireland $18.5
[/li][li]Greece $17.1
[/li][li]France $16.6
[/li][li]Cyprus $15.5
[/li][li]Belgium $14.9
[/li][li]Macedonia $14.5
[/li][li]Slovakia $13.3
[/li][li]Kenya $13.1
[/li][li]United Kingdom $12.5
[/li][li]Denmark $12.3
[/li][li]Singapore $11.9
[/li][li]United Arab Emirates $11.5
[/li][li]USA $11.2
[/li][li]Lithuania $10.2
[/li][li]Canada $10.1


Carnival may be over but the party keeps bumping in Brazil with our Braziliantly high Dating eCPMs! Check our Top 20 eCPM this week:

[li]Norway $74.1
[/li][li]Sweden $65.3
[/li][li]Iceland $49.6
[/li][li]Denmark $48.9
[/li][li]New Zealand $47.1
[/li][li]Finland $45.9
[/li][li]USA $43.6
[/li][li]Australia $43.2
[/li][li]United Kingdom $39.7
[/li][li]Canada $39.4
[/li][li]Switzerland $37.8
[/li][li]Israel $36.9
[/li][li]Austria $36.3
[/li][li]France $35.8
[/li][li]Brazil $29.2
[/li][li]Singapore $28.2
[/li][li]Germany $25.1
[/li][li]Belgium $22.8
[/li][li]Italy $19.5
[/li][li]Russia $18.9