glad to join the forum!

i came across this forum a few times but decided to join. i thought we were doing ok but some of the threads i read on here really opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in google apps and the different methods you guys are doing like churn and burn.

my partner and i have been testing LOTS of stuff and pumping out quality apps as fast as we can. we are trying to study the market to see what’s working and using our own apps for case studies.

we’ve been blogging all about it on our site Micro Niche Apps ?. check it out for some cool tidbits based on our own experiences and some awesome android tools i hope to share with you all soon.

happy to answer any questions and drop some knowledge around. :wink:

Nice to see because I am also here to share my knowledge with you guys which is the main reason to join this forum.

Glad to meet you all.

I’m also new to this forum and glad to meet you all!:slight_smile: