Give a try to the SOCIAL SDK of appOptim

you should give a try to appOptim model for Promoting, Socializing and monetizing your app: The Social SDK
Multiple advantages:
[li] RPMD up to 50$ , paid weekly, money for each install[/li][li] Give users tools that permit to socialize your app, one click sharing app activity on social network[/li][li] put ads content that keeps user experience[/li][/ol]

g i v e i t a t r y i t w o r t h i t ! ! !

Michael please don’t just spam referral links everywhere!
You’re not helping anyone but yourself and you can’t even vouch for such a new network. You just joined the forum and you’re spamming this post everywhere.

Referral systems are cool an all, but you shouldn’t post just to get people to sign up to something that earns you extra revenue.

Why not do a case study or something with real purpose that contains your referral link.

Oh fck, the new Mobario with the same spamming methods