getting on related list in google play

Hey guys, i wanted to ask about the trick to getting on related list of my competitor apps?

is it having their app name mentioned in my description 2-3 times?

Also, I noticed that if you are in the same category as your competitor, chances of you showing up in their related list are higher?

if you use their names many times, and if they are “big names” , chances are you’ll get your app suspended ( happened to me once ) , maybe using once is okay, and let google figure out the rest… i dont think there’s much one can do to get in these lists… maybe they even sort according to what users have downloaded in the past ( think amazon… customers who bought this also bought that )…

Anyways you can tread the fine line and check it… :smiley:

Not higher, same category is required to be shown in related.

From my observations:

  1. Apps with less downloads have apps with more downloads in related.
  2. Still it’s possible that your app has less downloads and is in related for app with more downloads.
  3. I think that amount of users that installed both apps is important too.

Also, keyword similarity somehow is less important for apps with lots of downloads. Look at angry birds - it have other games which are really popular.

So, i think there are couple of alghoritms used, probably with different priority - just to fill related list. First, good matches, then worse, etc.

Anyway i think it’s too risky to try manipulate related by adding some other app names in your description. Probably if you even manage to do it (remember that now there are human reviews), your app will have that app in related, but it won’t work other way (due to difference in downloads).

Could you please elaborate a bit, i am quite interested in this. How big were those names, as Angry Bird or 1-5 MM download apps? Did you use the complete name as keywords or just part of their names?


The are too method:

1, Same categories, open or buy service install both your app and the big app. Then Google will count your app same as big app
2, Rate and comment mention big app name in your app like: “This game same/better than Angry Bird” (may be blackhat)

Ive used the words nexus and xperia and both of them in different apps and both of them got suspended for using a trademarked name… i dont make games. So after having enough of it , i stopped making apps that would rely on big names. Google has been more lenient on me since :slight_smile:

First solution is much legit compared to second…

Then the reason of suspension was not keyword spamming, but trademark infringement, wasen´t it?

In the case of xperia it was keyword stuffing , because i used it around 5-6 times , and for nexus it was a trademark infringement, not surprising , because they purged all nexus apps from play store when they launched nexus 6.